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Who is the Audience and why consider more digital channels?

Over 7 million adults in the UK don't currently have access to the Internet and home broadband figures have increased relatively slowly over the past years, currently standing around 72%.

Despite this recent plateauing in home broadband access, there has been incredible movement in terms of technology, devices and accessing the internet anywhere over the past few years:

  • Over 90% of the population owns a mobile phone
  • 84% of people have access to the internet anywhere
  • 64% of the adult population has a smartphone
  • 57% of UK homes have access to interactive TV (Sky & Virgin)
  • 40% of homes have at least one latest generation games console
  • 41% of UK adults now own a tablet
  • IPSOS MORI Technology Tracker Q2 - 2014

In addition, access and social habits are constantly changing:

  • Each household in the UK has on average three different types of internet enabled device
  • Growth of accessing the internet on laptop and desktop computers is slowing due to the prevalence of smartphones and tablets
  • 54% of the UK population visit Facebook regularly
  • 64% of adults say technology has changed the way they communicate
  • 57% use their mobile device to access the web
  • And there is a rising trend in multi-screening: using more than one screen/device at a time

It is the combination of delivering services to people still digitally excluded or without a PC on devices they can understand such as TV, mobiles and smartphones, as well as ensuring public sector organisations can make the most of new technologies as they emerge, that makes Looking Local a powerful proposition. Relying solely on a website is no longer sufficient when attempting to engage different groups from within the community, encourage channel shift and maximise efficiency savings.

Who is Using Looking Local Interactive?

Whilst much is known about the socio-demographics of smartphone and PC users, less is known about the people who access interactive TV. For the past 5 years we have run a questionnaire on our TV channel asking people a series of questions.

Questionnaire Headlines (Jan 2014)

  • 51% of respondents use interactive TV services at least weekly
  • 53% of users are repeat customers
  • 43% said they did not have a PC/Internet
    • An additional 12% said they had a PC but rarely used the web
    • 10% had alternative access to the web (not via PC)
    • 35% have PC/Internet
  • 49% say their new technology skills are 'poor' or 'non-existent'
  • 67% said interactive TV was easy to use
  • 70% said the service was as fast as they expected
  • 73% said they would use LL again

Age group:

  • 60+: 38%
  • 50-59: 20%
  • 40-49: 12%
  • 30-39: 10%
  • 17-29: 5%
  • Under 16: 14%

How do respondents usually contact their council?

  • Looking Local: 16%
  • Phone: 60%
  • Letter: 4%
  • In person: 14%
  • Online: 7%
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